Daily Nation, Pg: 11 Report: Why State firms are poorly run

A report by the Public Service Commission has revealed that delayed implementation of reforms in State Corporations has led to poor financial management.

This is due to lack of functional boards to run the corporations.  

The report indicated that at least 32 parastatals have remained without functional boards, making it difficult to implement financial decisions. The government agreed to reduce the number of parastatals from the current 262 to 187, following recommendations by the Presidential Taskforce on Parastatal Reforms.

This has however not been done since the reforms can only be implemented once two key bills have been passed into law namely, The Government Owned Entities Bill and the National Sovereign Wealth Fund Bill. These delays have been costing taxpayers a lot of money and PSC says the passing of the law would prevent such issues in the future.

Daily Nation, Smart Company, Pg: 3 China deletes 3m files in fight on internet porn

The Xhinua News Agency has reported that over 16 million illegal publications – including 12 million pirated copies – have been confiscated in the fight against piracy and internet pornography.

This report also indicates that the Nation Anti-Pornography and Anti-Illegal Publications Office deleted over 3 million pieces of pornographic content from the internet in 2014. China has the highest number of internet users in the world, with government agencies putting the number at 632 million last year.

The Standard, Pg: 3 Curtain falls on career of disabled artist

The curtain has fallen on the career of Mary Wanja, a mouth artist, at the age of 56 years. Wanja passed on at her Nyeri home on Sunday night. Her journey to art started shortly after she was diagnosed with Polio at the ADH Hospital.

She noticed a fellow patient in the hospital drawing caricatures using his mouth. The white man, Ian Bompas would later become her mentor. One of her best moments was when, at the age of 15, she presented a painting to the Founding President of the Republic, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta.

She was able to do about five or six paintings in a day. She was also a member of the Mouth and Foot Artists Association which requires the members to submit at least 10 paintings per month.