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Piracy kills creativity

Avoid Unauthorized Photocopying

By photocopying that book, you are denying the author his royalties, which is tantamount to robbery!

Avoid Music Copyright Infringement

Mixing of music for sale without the artistes' consent is illegal


The Kenya
Copyright Board (KECOBO)

Our mandate is the overall administration and enforcement of copyright and related rights. The Board carries out public awareness, enforcement, registration of copyright, licensing of collective management organisation and education on matters of copyright and related rights. It coordinates the activities of the copyright industries.

Our Range of Services

We sustainably advance the growth of the creative industries through effective administration and enforcement of copyright and related rights for socio-economic development in Kenya

Copyright Registration


Enforcement of Copyright and Related Rights


Legal Advice on Copyright


Mediation in copyright disputes


Training of rights holders


Licensing of Collective Management Organisations (CMOs)


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