The Kenya Copyright Board is a State Corporation that was established under Section 3 of the Copyright Act Cap 130 of the Laws of Kenya to administer and enforce copyright and related rights in Kenya.

The Copyright industries in Kenya contribute significantly to the economic development of the country and need to be nurtured and facilitated. The Kenya Copyright Board provides a focal point for the industry as well and the government in matters pertaining to copyright and related rights.


The Kenya Copyright Board is comprised of members drawn from both the public and private sectors. The members from the private sector are nominated by associations representing software, producers of sound recordings, publishers, film distributors, performers, broadcasting, stations, musicians and the audio visual industry. There are four experts on copyright and related rights and five members who are alternates to the Attorney General, Commissioner of Police, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Information, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Heritage and Culture, and the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Finance.


In order to achieve its mandate; the administration and enforcement of copyright and related rights in Kenya, the Kenya Copyright Board under section 5 of Cap 130 carries out the following;

  1. Implement Copyright laws including the provisions of international treaties
  2. License and supervise the activities of Collective Management Organisations
  3. Facilitate training and awareness creation on copyright and related rights in Kenya
  4. Update copyright legislation
  5. Maintain an effective database on authors and their works.
  6. Liaise with national, regional and international organisations on matters of copyright and related rights
  7. Advise the government on matters of copyright and related rights
  8. Facilitates the implementation of the antipiracy security device (APSD)

The Board also deals with matters related to traditional knowledge, and traditional cultural expressions and is currently working on establishment of policy and legal framework.