The Anti-Piracy Security Device (APSD) is a tamper proof sticker that is applied on legitimate audio and audio-visual works (films, CDS, DVDS and VCDs). 

It includes a bar code that is unique to each product and a Hologram that has overt and correct features known to the KECOBO
Section 36 of the Copyright Act, makes it illegal to sell audio or audio-visual works without this device which is consistent with articles 11(2) and 40(5) of the Constitution.  The APSD helps right holders, law enforcement agencies and individual consumers to differentiate between legitimate and illegitimate works.  The KECOBO can seize and destroy works that do not have the device without going to court or having a complaint.

      To pay for the Anti-Piracy Security Device (APSD) via MPesa;

        1. Go to m-pesa menu
        2. Select lipa na m-pesa
        3. Select paybill
        4. Enter paybill no. 522052
        5. Enter account number:
                -For a new application for the authentication devices: type s/new).
                -If you have bought Bar-code Stickers before: type s/producer number 
        6. Enter amount
        7. Enter pin and send