The Kenya Copyright Board registers copyright works of musical, audio visual, literary and artistic nature. 

  • The work must be of original authorship.
  • The work  should also be in tangible format, including digital format
  • A Certificate shall be issued where the application is successful.




The National Right Registry module part of the KECOBO-CMO ICT system allows one to undertake online copyright registration including uploading their works virtually; view and manage all their registered copyright works; make payment against the application where applicable and receive and print their copyright registration certificates from the comfort of their homes.

 To access these services, an artist or corporates are required to create accounts in the National Rights Registry portal. Individual artists are encouraged to create an individual account in the portal and register all their works.

 The registration through the system enables interested parties to upload their copyright and to check previously registered works and undertake new applications for registration.

 Interested person shall be able to search for an artist works by title, or author’s name among other search criteria. This search capability shall enable artists to file complaints for exclusion or unwarranted registration by other applicants.

 While registration of copyright works remains voluntary under Kenyan law, the registration into the NRR database offers an opportunity for data on usage of works to be obtained by the Media Monitoring module, which is part of the integrated KECOBO-CMO ICT system.

 All works registered by Kenya Copyright Board prior to the development of this system shall form part of this database and shall appear in a searchable database. However, applicants may be requested to supply additional details.

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Mobile no.: 0791399159.







1.    Step one- Enter the portal

Type on your web browser. The page below will appear-




2.    Create an Account

Choose either to create an individual account or a corporate account. The credentials entered shall be verified via activation code sent via SMS and email.



3.    Welcome to your dashboard

Upon successful registration you will land on your dashboard that will show a summary of registered copyrights. Both pending and approved.



4.    Start registering your works

As a new member, your dashboard will be empty. Click on the Make a New Application button to start registering your works.



5.    Enter the applicant’s details

Enter the details of the primary owner of the copyright. If you are the owner, select Use Your Name’s Details to speed up the process. Click Continue to move to the next step.




6.    Make new applications

In this stage, you will provide details about the copyright. You will also be required to upload the copyright files to continue to the next step. Once you have provided all the required details, click Continue to move to the next step.



7. Copyright Ownership Details

In this stage you will be required to choose the nature of your work and then fill more details about the work. The author’s details, producer’s details, performers’ details and publisher’s details will be required at this stage. It is at this stage that you will also be required to upload your work.

Note that, not all categories require performers and publishers.

If the copyright has more than one Author, Producer, Performer or Publisher, use the Add button to add a new row.


 8.    Verify and Correct Details

Before you submit, the system will give you a summary of what you registered for you to verify or correct. If anything is not right you have the option of going back to correct it. If you are satisfied with the information provided, click Register Copyright to continue.



 9.    Submit and receive status update/certificate

When you submit your registration, an SMS is immediately sent to your phone alerting you that your registration has been received and is pending verification.

Click New Registration to register another copyright or Dashboard to view your registered copyrights.



10.    Dashboard

Your new copyright will be at pending stage until, it has been approved. Once approved you will receive a notification on SMS and email. You can now download your certificate right from the dashboard.




The process takes less than 30 minutes if you have all the details.



1.       Most of details are compulsory- ID no., KRA PIN

2.       The details once entered will be available at subsequent visit.

3.       The capability for mass upload is under development.