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                                                           Copyright News issue 24
A Publication Of The Kenya Copyright Board
Lead Story:Paul Stacey, Associate Director of Global Learning Creative Commons Page 3 News Update:Copyright Sound Quality and The Future of Music Consumption Page 5News Update:The 2nd Nairobi Innovation Week Page 7
Feature:The impact of the proposed CMO Regulations, Page 5 Feature: Why artists are upbeat about new CMO regulations, Page 7  News Update: How Visual Artists Blossom Under Kuona Trust, Page 13
3 Lead story: Refining the Legal Regime Governing Kenya's Copyright Industry
4 KECOBO Destroys Pirated Books Worth Sh15m
5 Feature: The Impact of Proposed Regulations on CMO Management
6 Feature: Why protecting Copyright in Broadcast isn't a walk in the Park
7 Feature: Artists Get Upbeat About New CMO Regulations
8 Pictorial
10 Ongea 2017 Eastern Africa Music Summit
10 Public Servants Coached on Implementing National Values and Public Service values
11 KECOBO partners with KFCB to fight Piracy in the Film Industry
11 KECOBO and ACA sign MOU to fight Counterfeitingf and Copyright Infringement
12 The Art of Budgeting, Saving and Investing for Creative's Bright Future
13 Aspiring writers Trained on Copyright at Story Moja
13 NEMA trains Organisations on Capacity Building in Environmental Sustainability Mainstreaming
14 KECOBO crisscrosses country training Musicians on Copyright and Financial Management
15 Enforcement Activities from December 2016-March 2017
16 KECOBO Complaints Procedure
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