By. Ketty Arucy
Ongea 2017 Eastern Africa Music Summit
Public Servants Coached on Implementing National and
Public Service Values
By. Fiona Okwaro
Undoubtedly one of Kenyas largest music
festivals, the Ongea Eastern Africa Music
Summit 2017 was a huge success with
artists from all over the Eastern Africa
region in aendance. e event, which
takes place once every year, had artists
traveling all the way from countries such as
Rwanda and Cameroon.
e second edition of the Ongea music
festival that took place at the Sarit Centre
Expo Hall from the 16th to the 19th of
February brought together about 57
trade exhibitors among them the Kenya
Copyright Board.
With artists such as Hart in aendance,
among others, the turnout was quite
impressive. e last two days of the event
aracted more audience among them
upcoming artists. KECOBO which was
participating at the event for the second
time, enjoyed a prominent stand where
artists and other stakeholders got to
interact with the sta. ey acquired
knowledge on copyright and registration
process among others things. “It is actually
a very easy and conducive process contrary
to what I had imagined,” one of the artists
said aer visiting the stand. Visitors also
got to mingle with the various exhibitors
and industry professionals making it a very
interactive session.
ere were panel sessions taking place in
the auditorium section as well, where we
had representatives of various organizations
and groups responding to issues from the
audience. Artists and various stakeholders
in the industry got to air their concerns
and get responses from panelists. “We as
artists nd it hard to make a living the only
way we know how because our music is not
appreciated locally as it should be,” said
one of the participants, a maer that most
artists seemed to concur with.
In between the panel sessions were
performances by young and upcoming
artists in the industry. e artists got to
showcase their talent to a panel of judges
who would later award two of the best
performers with a one year scholarship
to the prestigious Sauti Academy Music
School. e evenings were the highlights of
the event as artists from dierent countries
came together to do random performances
for their audience prompting them to visit
their stands. All in all, the Ongea 2017
music summit was a very interactive session
that imparted all the participants with a
wealth of knowledge.
A capacity building workshop on
implementation of national values and
public service values and principles of
governance in public service was held from
25th to 27th January 2017.
e workshop, which was held at Sweet
Lakes Resort, Naivasha, was sponsored
by the Public Service Commission as
a capacity building program for senior
management and administrators in the
Public Service. Kenya Copyright Board was
e purpose of the workshop was to
empower participants with knowledge
on implementation of national values,
principles of governance and public service
values at the grassroots level. Participants
were drawn from government ministries,
departments, agencies, counties and
independent commissions.
e key objective of the workshop was
mainstreaming of approved public service
culture at MDA level. rough quarterly,
half year and annual reporting, the
Directorate of Compliance and Quality
Assurance shall be able to monitor and
evaluate performance on compliance with
Article 10 and 232 of the Constitution.
Participants were taken through a
comprehensive performance monitoring
and evaluation framework highlighting
established performance standards,
performance indicators and performance
monitoring tools with clear timelines on
Starting with an overview on international
best practices on good governance, the
participants were taken through four key
parameters used to assess good governance
globally which includes Human
Development Index (HDI); Ease of Doing
Business; Corruption Perception Index
(HPI) and Global Competitiveness.
e outcomes of the World Bank survey
report for 2014 on good governance
were used to emphasize the need to
improve service delivery in Kenyas public
service. All Public Service institutions are,
therefore, required to achieve compliance
by ensuring that among others, MDAs
functions are aligned to the national
development plan (Vision 2030); ere is
a strategic plan in place aligned to Vision
2030; funds are allocated against the
organizations mandate (60:40 % budgeting
rule maintained);MDA has an established
vision, mission and clearly outlined core
functions; existence of a functional and
eective organization structure to allow
eective discharge of the mandate; and
existence of clear sta job descriptions;
ey also must ensure existence of
optimal stang levels (70/30 stang rule
complied); existence of HR management
plans; existence of signed organizational
performance contract with parent
ministry/ authorized oce; and existence
of HR development plans among other
It was emphasized that besides the
quarterly and annual reporting system, an
annual survey will be done between August
and September to validate the led reports
before the nal report on the Public Service
performance monitoring and evaluation is
submied to the President and presented to