By. Eunice Maina
Aspiring Writers Trained On Copyright At Story Moja
Nema Trains Organisations On Capacity Building in
Environmental Sustainability Mainstreaming
A two day workshop on environmental
sustainability was held at Summerdale
hotel in March.
e workshop, where KECOBO was
represented, aracted institutions who are
key players in support and implementation
of the environmental sustainability and
e workshop was ociated by the Nema
deputy director Dr.Charles Lange. Dr
Lange promised that the Nema would
assist the organizations through training
to achieve their performance targets when
called upon.
e workshops main objective was;
To share lessons and best practices
on environmental sustainability
To build capacity on application of
environmental sustainability Audit
e workshop was quite interactive and
participants got to share on how to set
and achieve targets for the performance
contract. e Nema team took the
participants through the various stages of;
Reporting on environmental
Green procurement and environmental
sustainability action plan.
Development of institutional
Environmental sustainability policy.
e workshop gave the participants an
opportunity to learn from others and also
got an insight on best practices. is was
an eye opener in ensuring that individual
organizations meet environmental
standards in accordance with Nema set
Every year Story Moja organizes a writing
workshop that trains aspiring writers on
improving their skills and also to develop
books and stories. Kenya Copyright Board
was invited to train participants on issues
of copyright and related rights in relation
to writers and editors. e training was
conducted at Story Mojas Boardroom on
February 24, 2017. A total of 14 students
and interns were in aendance. Participants
were students and interns who were
currently aached at Story Moja.
KECOBO made a presentation that covered
issues on what copyright is, KECOBO’s
mandate, the guiding legislation and
other copyright related issues including
copyright infringement and copyright
protection. Other topics covered include
why writers need to protect their books,
Blogs, transcript’s and much more.
e greatest interest from the participants
was the process and benets of copyright
registration. ey were concerned that
there was a low level of awareness among
many students about copyright. It was
apparent that more work needs to be done
to create awareness and build respect for
copyright among students.
By. Emilly Kalekye
Ms Emilly Kalekye of Kenya Copyright Board trains aspiring writers at Story Moja on issues of copyright and related rights in
relation to writers and editors.
e importance of the Annual General
Meeting is to ensure that all members have
the right to take part in the decision making
process of the CMO which will include
determining or addressing the following
i. Changes to the statutes and
memorandum and articles of
ii. Changes to membership terms
where such terms are not regulated
by the memorandum and articles of
iii. Directorship maers which include
voting for directors, remuneration
and other benets and entitlement
iv. Appointment or approval of
independent auditors;
Various other policies including:
Distribution rules, deductions on the
revenue and any income relating to
investments, approvals that will aect the
company such as mergers and acquisitions
and risk management policy.
With the regulations in place, CMO
licensing activities should increase as the
industry shall register greater levels of
condence in the operations of CMOs
and consequently bring a rise to the
levels of royalties distributed to the rights
holders. e regulations will, therefore,
place a greater demand for a more
stringent supervision and regulation to
ensure a transparent, accountable and
good governance structure is maintained
to secure the interests of all parties to a
collective management system.
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