KECOBO Crisscrosses Country Training Musicians On
Copyright And Financial Management
By. Paul Kaindo
e Kenya Copyright Board (KECOBO)
has in the last four months trained over 400
local musicians in in several counties across
the country.
e Board has traversed Mombasa, Bomet,
Meru, Machakos, Isiolo, Kisumu and
Eldoret counties training musicians on
Copyright and how to manage their talent
like business. Kenya Copyright Boards
Executive Director Mr Edward Sigei says
the Board intends to train more musicians
in the coming months in other counties.
e main aim of the trainings is to create
awareness on the copyright and related
rights of musicians.
roughout the trainings, the musicians
have been warned to be wary of exploitation
by politicians and entertainment business
owners especially during this political
season. In the seminars, musicians were
trained on how to manage their careers
for maximum nancial returns. KECOBO
had hired nancial experts to train the
musicians on the aspect of good nancial
management of their music businesses.
Musicians were cautioned against entering
into deals without wrien contracts
particularly during the festivities and the
2017 General Election campaigns.
Financial literacy
It was stressed during the trainings that
the local artistes needed to enhance their
nancial literacy now more than ever in
order to make sustainable decisions.
e musicians explained the challenges
they face in their career, especially during
elections, when they are exploited by
politicians for lack of knowledge about
their copyright and related rights.
Mr. Sigei has insisted throughout the
seminars that artistes must demand wrien
contracts signed by all parties involved and
indicating what they stand to gain from any
engagement. e board further cautioned
the artistes against violating copyright laws.
“e contract can be wrien in any
language, even vernacular,” he told
musicians noting that as long as it has been
signed and witnessed, the contract remains
e artistes were encouraged to forge
collaborations with fellow musicians and
enter into contracts on revenue sharing.
Mindset change is the main objective of the
training to enable the musicians to know
their rights and conduct their professions
as entrepreneurs. e musicians were
encouraged to have a strategy to achieve
what they have set out to achieve.
KECOBO’s Mandate
During the trainings, musicians were
informed of the mandate of the Board
which include; licensing and supervising
the activities of collective management
societies and maintaining an eective data
bank on artistes and their works.
e collective management societies
licensed and supervised by Kecobo in
relation to music include, Performers
Rights Society of Kenya (Prisk) and
Kenya Association of Music Producers
(Kamp), who are always represented
during the training. In March, KECOBO
licensed Music publishers Association of
Kenya (MPAKE) to collect and distribute
royalties on behalf of authors, composers
and publishers from March 2017 to
February 2018
Sheba Njagi, a nancial freedom trainer
from Centonomy Ltd, challenged the
artistes to adopt the mindset of business
Identifying opportunities
e musicians were also trained on how to
identify opportunities and take advantage
of them from a business perspective.
ey also gained skills on managing fans
expectations, resources and debt.
e musicians across the regions have taken
the trainings positively. William Rodger
Mongo a musician from Mombasa said “I
lacked ideas but now I have been awakened.
I realised that I have been asleep.” Caroline
Sakwa another musician described the
training as timely. “I learnt that I need to
think like an entrepreneur,” she said.
KECOBO oers free trainings to various
copyright holders on copyright and related
rights on its own motion or upon request.
Interested parties should submit wrien
training requests to KECOBO giving at
least 2 - 3 weeks’ notice. KECOBO will
conrm training within seven (7) days of
receiving the request.
Musicians follow keenly during a training session for Musicians organised by KECOBO. Below: Mr Paul Kaindo, a legal counsel
with KECOBO training musicians on copyright.