By. George Njoroge
World Intellectual Property Day 2017 Celebrated in Style
KECOBO to Oer Online Copyright Registration Services
By. Cyrus Kinyungu
Pomp and dance marked this years’
celebration of the World Intellectual
Property Day held at the National Museums
of Kenya in Nairobi on April 26.
Dozens of guests who aended the
celebrations at the Louis Leakey
Auditorium, National Museums of Kenya,
were entertained by Octopizo and June
Gachui who belted the best of their songs.
e artists who aended the celebrations
interacted with experts in Intellectual
property rights led by Kenya Copyright
Board Executive Director Mr Edward
Sigei, representatives of Kenya Industrial
Property Institute, Anti counterfeit Agency
and Strathmore University and other
bodies dealing with IP.
June Gachui, who is a musician and a lawyer
specialising in Intellectual Property rights,
challenged artists to know their rights. “It
is your responsibility to shape up your own
career,” she told the creatives as she urged
them to ensure they are well informed
about their rights.
Octopizo challenged his colleagues in the
music industry to learn to ask questions
as they ght for their rights. “Learn to ask
questions as you look for solutions in an
intelligent way. Artists need to wake up
and know their rights. Stand up for your
rights,” he challenged upcoming artists who
had aended the celebrations organised by
US Embassy, KECOBO and the Octopizo
A panel of experts in IP led by Dr
Ruenberg of Strathmore University
enlightened participants on the dierent
aspects of Intellectual property rights. e
panellists included Mr Sigei (KECOBO),
Mr David Njuguna (Kenya Industrial
Property Institute (KIPI) and Mr Casper
Oluoch of Anti-Counterfeit Agency (ACA)
among others.
e three organizations are government
agencies that work very closely with Kenya
Copyright Board to protect and enhance IP
rights of all Kenyans.
e artists present interacted with the
experts as they narrated their painful
experience when their work is infringed.
But the government bodies responsible for
protection of the IP rights were at hand to
give assurances that they will ensure that
creatives earn from their talents.
In the 21st century the strategic importance
of Information Communication
Technology (ICT) cannot be arguably
doubted. Most government institutions all
over the world have recognized the potential
and opportunity oered by ICT. To this
end, public institutions are now investing
heavily on ICT initiatives primarily to
serve the citizens eciently. Other reasons
include cost reduction, reduced transaction
cycles and eective government processes
while providing services to the public.
e Kenya Copyright Board is in the process
of implementing an end to end online
platform for registration of Copyright
works(IP assets). Once implemented,
Copyright holders from across the country
wishing to register their Copyright works
will no longer need to travel to KECOBO
oces in Nairobi, return home to wait for
the processing of their applications before
embarking on a journey back to Nairobi to
collect the certicates of registration.
Technology has made it possible for a
one stop-nonstop online platform where
citizens may seek services anywhere at any
e online system is meant to replace the
current manual system of registration. It
will involve a self service portal, accessible
through the e-citizen platform. Copyright
holders will need to create a registration
account from which they can login and
make Copyright applications.
From the created copyright account,
the right holders will ll in the required
registration details online, make payments
via Mpesa then deposit their works for
back oce processing. Upon successful
processing of their application, the clients
will receive the registration certicate
(e-certicate) from their portal. It will
also be possible to trace the stage at which
the application is at during the back oce
Once commissioned, the online Copyright
registration system is projected to have the
following impacts to creative owners and
Kenyan economy;
To enhance respect for copyright
through eective enforcement of
creative works.
Increased ease of access for copyright
registration service through
technology. is would assist the
board to compile the database of
authors and their works of which may
be exploited for commercial value
through contracts with Right holders.
To encourage creative owners of works
to develop more works.
Enhance self application of copyright
works online by the applicants.
Make the database fully searchable in
due course to assist in exploitation of
To ensure availability and security of
the registration platform, the portal will
be cloud hosted. e board anticipates
commissioning the online service in
September 2017.
Audience in aendance at the World Intellectual property Day 2017 celebrations that was held at the National
Museums of Kenya