CMOs Top Brass Trained on Becoming Better Managers
KECOBO Teams Up With Hemmsoft Solutions to Train
School Principals on Copyright
By. Fiona Okwaro
By. Ephraim Ndiritu
Kenya Copyright Board hosted a two day
Collective Management Organisations
(CMOs’) top management training session
to impart on them skills on how to best
manage the organisations.
e training on Intellectual Property
governance was purposed to impart skills
and knowledge on CMOs’ top management
team to help them beer manage the
organizations and their stakeholders.
e event, which was held on the 20th
and 21st of April at the Pride Inn Hotel in
Westlands, saw experts on governance take
the team through the course.
e trainers impressed on the CMO
managers how the management structure
of an organisation is crucial on the
organizations growth and success.
e head of governance at the State
Corporation Commiee, Mr. Simon
Indimuli was among the experts. His focus
was on how to come up with the mission
and vision of an organization.
A vision is a state that already exists” he
said. “You should be able to see the vision
of your organization when you close your
eyes or go to sleep.
e board members of the CMOs also got
to know of their various functions as well as
what is expected of them as board members
and during board meetings.
Distinguishing between the functions
of the board and commiee was also
emphasised. “e work of the commiee
is to hold discussion while that of the board
is to make decisions,” said Mr. Joe Onyango
from the public Service Commission.
Participants were also taken through what
is entailed in a board charter and how a
good board charter should look like.
e Kenya Copyright Board in conjunction
with Hemmso Solutions Company
organised a training session on copyright
during this year’s Murang’a County
Secondary Schools Heads Association
annual conference.
e training, which was held on April 25,
at Waterbuck Hotel in Nakuru, followed an
invitation from the associations secretariat.
About 300 delegates were trained and
issued with ‘Guide to Copyright’ booklets.
e event was graced by Devolution
Cabinet Secretary Mr Mwangi Kiunjuri.
Hemmso Solutions deals with soware
development and technology consultancy
solutions, targeting small and medium
sized learning institution. e company
owns a number of Information Systems
Solutions, the notable ones being the aSc
Timetabling and aSc online Timetables,
which are copyrightable works included
within the category of literary works under
the copyright laws.
Illegal use of the companys products mostly
by institutions of learning has been a big
challenge. Several unsuspecting learning
institutions have unknowingly bought
unlicensed copies of the aSc timetables.
In order to get authority to use the
product, one has to pay license and access
the information by entering a unique
code provided by the copyright owner.
However, fraudsters crack these codes. e
teachers were informed that circumventing
any technical measure designed to
protect copyright or removing any right
management information on copyright
work is unlawful.
Some institutions which had fallen victim
have paid a heavy price with majority
ending up paying extra amount of money
to obtain user license. Others have gone to
an extent of removing the infringing copy
from their systems rendering them serious
nancial and administrative implications.
ese and several other factors prompted
the Association of the Head of the Schools
to invite KECOBO in order to have the
members’ concerns addressed.
Ms. Edna Maina of Hemmso Solutions
advised the teachers that it was illegal to
download the product online without
paying for it.
“e product available online,” Ms Maina
explained “is a trial version, which requires
an update aer the trial period expires,
upon payment of a license.
Institutions still using the infringing copies
were warned to either legalize the product
or remove them from their systems before
the law catches up with them.
KECOBO’s copyright inspector Mr
Ephraim Ndiritu educated the teachers
about Intellectual Property rights, works
covered under copyright, categories of
rights under copyright, infringement on
copyright in the digital era and oences and
their penalties under the copyright law.
“e largest chunk of copyrighted works
is created and utilised in the learning
institutions,” Ndiritu noted. He observed
that learning institutions use a wide range
of copyright works, which include books
and computer programmes.
CMOs’ top management team being trained on how to become beer managers at the Pride Inn hotel in Westlands