Filmakers Benefit From Two Day Seminar On Copyright in
Film Industry
As part of celebrations to mark the World
Intellectual Property Day this year, creatives
in the lm industry beneted from a two
day seminar aimed at sharpening their skills
on copyright in the lm industry.
e Kenya Copyright Board, World
Intellectual Property Organization
(WIPO) and Kenya Film Commission
(KFC) partnered to bring together the
creatives with an aim of building their
capacity in the use of copyright and related
rights in the audio visual sector.
e three bodies brought together over 100
artists in the audio visual sector in a two
day seminar at the Silver Springs Hotel,
e seminar brought together big names in
the lm industry and the top names in the
Intellectual Property rights. e two groups
interacted freely during the two day seminar
gaining from each other. e movie makers
were enlightened about protecting their
intellectual property rights in their trade.
e seminar was sponsored by World
Intellectual Property Organization
(WIPO). It was part of a campaign by
WIPO to strengthen Audio Visual sector
in certain Africa countries. Other countries
which beneted from similar seminars
sponsored by WIPO include SENEGAL
and Burkinafaso.
“is program is intended to strengthen
institutions, associations and inform
policy and legislation to support the Audio
Visual (AV) sector in those countries. It is
intended to move to other countries. Kenya
was lucky to be in the rst phase,” noted
Kenya Copyright Board Executive Director
Mr Edward Sigei.
One of the benets of this program,” noted
Sigei, “is the publication of a guide on
Copyright and the Audio Visual in Kenya
booklet, which is a practical Guide on
Copyright for Filmmakers.
Sigei said this is a good addition to materials
available for practitioners in audio visual
sector published and printed with the
support of WIPO.
Kenya, he noted, is a very rich country in
terms of talent that needs to be tapped. And
those talents and contents need to be used
and exploited for the benet of owners.
We have everything that we may need for
this industry to takeo but may be lacking
nance, he noted.
Mr Alex Mulwa, the Marketing director
at Kenya Film Commission said: “Our
mandate is to promote develop and
market lm industry. To achieve this, it is
important for us to partner with WIPO and
He said the biggest challenge facing the
lm industry is a lot of piracy which robs
industry players money, jobs and creativity.
No one wants to waste time with something
that will be stolen, he noted.
“Piracy is extremely harmful to the lm
industry. In this digital era, everyone is
downloading movies. is is totally unfair
and hence the reason we have this seminar
to empower you to pass knowledge to
creators of content and equip you with
relevant information to curb infringement
of IP rights to be able to curb this vice,
Mulwa told the lmmakers.
Ms CarolCroella, a senior counselor at
WIPO said the seminar’s objective was
to raise awareness and build capacity in
use of copyright and related rights in the
audio visual sector for raising nancing,
securing revenue ows for industry through
improved contractual practices.
She promised that WIPO will always be
ready to help strengthen the audio visual
industry in Africa since the creative and
cultural industry has the potential of being a
major driver of economic growth in Africa.
Audience listening in during the Audio Visual rights training that was held at the Silver Springs hotel
Former KECOBO E.D, Dr. Marisella Ouma and KOPIKEN G.M, Gerry Gitonga
By. Cyrus Kinyungu