KECOBO Inspectors Train Police Ocers in North Rift on
By. Mutegi Rinkanya
During the months in review the department registered only 6
cases. Most of the inspectors were on leave.
AUTHENTICATION: e department has done very lile in
authentication due several challenges. Only 5 cases under section
36 were registered.
Multichoice Operation.
During the month of June, copyright inspectors proceeded to
Mombasa and raided 2 premises within Bamburi area and seized
over 30 decoders and other contrivances which were being used for
infringement of DSTV signals. e suspect was arraigned before
Shanzu court and charged with the oence of distributing a DSTV
signal commonly known as (Sambaza) under section 38 of the
Copyright Act.
Graphisoft Operations.
On soware infringement the department inspected ve companies
which were dealing with infringed soware and seized 20 computers
which are currently being inspected by the cybercrime department
at CID headquarters. e maer is pending under investigation.
As per the training schedule, ocers from the department visited
four police stations within Ri Valley and trained 79 police ocers
on Copyright and related rights. A total of 228 IEC materials were
distributed during the exercise.
Illegal DSTV decoders that were conscated by KECOBO ocers
KECOBO inspectors training police ocers on Copyright maers
KECOBO ocer inspecting illegal DSTV decoders that were conscated by the Kenya
Copyright Board