Copyright News
Artistes interact and exchange
experiences during Ongea music summit
By Obadiah Ogeto
enyan artistes got an oppor-
tunity to showcase their tal-
ents through an exhibition
dubbed the Ongea! Eastern
Africa Annual Summit held at the Sarit
Centre on February 15 to 18.
Ongea was born out of the annual
Kenya Music Week, which ran for 10
years every December, from 2004 to
2013. Since Kenya Music Week had
achieved its objectives for the Kenya
Music Industry over that decade,
they broadened the scope of the event
whose three Pillars still remain. They
are: Trade, Learn and Showcase.
The Eastern Africa Summit aims to
action the collaborative development
of the Eastern Africa music industry,
via trade exhibition, panel discussions
and artist showcases. Held annually
in February, Ongea seeks to enlist
increased participation from the wider
music industry in the region and to
market Eastern Africa Music as a trad
ing block.
The Kenya Copyright Board
(KECOBO) was party to the event as it
was one of the exhibitors.
KECOBO staff members drawn from
various departments got an opportuni
ty to interact with musicians and music
lovers as they explained to them the
role the Board plays in protecting their
works. Various performing artists as
well as the upcoming artists showed up
in good numbers at KECOBO’s stand.
Those who visited got to understand
the scope of copyright, its value and
the importance of protecting intellec
tual property.
The summit also provided artistes
with the opportunity to better under
stand the contents of the proposed
Copyright (Amendment) Bill 2017
during a debate session moderated by
Dagoretti South Member of Parliament
Mr John Kiarie.
Among the panellists were
KECOBO legal counsel Paul Kaindo,
Mr Daniel Aceda a director with
Music Publishers Association of
Kenya (MPAKE) and representatives
of Performing Rights Society of Kenya
(PRISK) and Kenya Association of
Music Producers (KAMP).
“The Bill has undergone first reading
and now is committed to the depart
mental committee on communication,
information and innovation, where
I sit, for consideration,” said Kiarie.
The Copyright (Amendment) Bill 2017
seeks to amend the Copyright Act to
add extensive protection in respect of
broadcast and signals, promote sound
corporate governance in CMOs and
improve efficiency in royalty collection.
“The Kenya Copyright
(Amendment) Bill 2017 seeks to address
challenges brought about by techno
logical advancement, promote sound
corporate governance and improve
efficiency in royalty collection,” said
Mr Kaindo during the debate.
Close to 300 visitors who interacted
with KECOBO staff members at the
stand were issued with informative
materials to read and understand the
role the Board plays in a better way.
By Lucian Mue
enya Copyright
Board was among
dozens of exhibi
tors who par-
ticipated at the 4
Nairobi Innovation Week
held at the University of
Nairobi in March.
This year’s Innovation
Week main theme was
Innovating for a better
KECOBO reached to
those who attended with a
message on how to protect
their innovations. Kenya
has put innovation at the
centre of its development
strategy primarily through
Vision 2030. Founded on the
belief that innovation is the
most important pillar of the
University of Nairobi, the
University hosts an annual
Nairobi Innovation Week,
which is a forum that seeks
to bring together various
stakeholders to celebrate,
re- focus and energize the
innovation efforts.
Those who visited the
Board’s stand were excited
to learn about its mandate
and how it protects cre
atives’ works. They were
taken through the process of
copyright registration with
many of them expressing
interest in registering their
works especially software
and apps. The Innovation
Week targets delegates from
different categories includ
ing: Policy makers from
government who focus on
innovation, education,
research and development,
intellectual property and
information and commu
nications technology and
organizations with innova
tive products and services.
Innovators get opportunity to protect their IP rights
KECOBO Legal Counsel Paul Kaindo (centre) giving a general overview of
the Copyright Ammendment Bill 201. On the extreme left is Mr John Kiarie
who was moderating the debate.