Copyright News
By George Guantai
enya Copyright Board staff
members joined hundreds of
other Kenyans during this
year’s #BeatCancerKE walk
at Karura Forest in January. The walk,
which is in its 5th year, targeted about
2,000 participants from across Kenya
with the aim of emphasising the role of
fitness in the fight against the disease.
Women 4 Cancer, an organisation
that champions the fight against cer
vical cancer in Kenya, was the main
organiser of the annual Women 4
Cancer Globeathon Walk, a fundrais
ing drive designed to raise awareness
on the benefits of early detection and
raise funds to support screening activi
ties across the country, in a bid to
reduce prevalence of late stage diagno
sis of cervical cancer.
Globeathon is a movement by
people from all over the world work
ing to raise awareness for and ulti-
mately increase early detection and
prevention of gynaecological cancers.
Globeathon Kenya is hosted by Women
4 Cancer since 2013. The cancer walk
embodies the passion, strength, action
and voice needed to make a difference
in Kenya.
The event, which was sponsored by
Ibis Styles Hotel-Westlands, Tropical
Heat and Standard Group among other
corporates, saw runners and fitness
enthusiasts face an incredible chal
lenge of walking for about 15 kilome-
tres at Karura Forest to raise aware-
ness of Cancer in Kenya. KECOBO
was represented by seven mem
bers of staff mainly drawn from the
Gender, Disability, Women and Youth
Mainstreaming Committee.
The need for a fresh approach to
fitness as a way of enhancing organisa
tions that fight against cervical cancer
such as Women 4 Cancer, to build a
culture of physical activity and healthy
lifestyle in the country was empha
Globeathon has become a key event
on the calendar of many Kenyans and
a key offering to the community for
corporate organisations seeking to
join. Globally, January is cervical can
cer awareness month, and KECOBO
showed its commitment to fight the
disease by joining the world in sensi
tising the public that cervical cancer
can be beaten with early detection and
timely access to treatment.
Cancer is the third major cause of
death among Kenyans after infec
tious and cardiovascular diseases.
According to statistics from the gov
ernment, about 30,000 new cases of
cancer are recorded annually, with
a corresponding mortality of around
28,000 each year as a result of late
diagnosis and lack of timely treatment.
Regrettably, East Africa is leading
the world with cervical cancer inci
dences and deaths, with about 4,800
cases diagnosed and over 2,500 deaths
recorded annually in Kenya alone-
a trend that needs to change. This
year’s walk attracted participants who
included families, school going chil
dren and the corporates in Kenya.
KECOBO staff join in walk to fight cervical cancer
vides for independent pub-
lishing, limited third-party
Influence, self-management
of the Content by owners,
individual Price-setting and
strong data encryption.
nn Binded
Binded is a web-based plat-
form that allows photogra-
phers to upload images to
a private copyright vault
from their mobile devices or
social media platforms, they
then create a unique fin
gerprint to the blockchain
for each work (image in the
copyright vault), grant the
users a copyright certificate
as proof of ownership.
nn Ascribe
Ascribe is a platform which
allows artists and creators
to upload their works. It
creates a permanent and
unbreakable link between
the author and creative
work through a record of
ownership. This record
can be forever verified and
tracked. The platform tracks
where and how any work on
its platform is shared on the
Each registered piece
is granted a Certificate of
Authenticity (COA), a built
in unique cryptographic ID
and the complete ownership
history. The COA can be
verified anytime and printed
out. Additionally, the plat
form allows creators to cre-
ate unique, limited editions
for their work just like with
physical art, a first for digi
tal content.
The uses of blockchain
technology are, but several.
Few Kenyan Start ups are
innovating around block
chain technology in fields
other than financial technol
ogy (fintech) and Payments.
It would be good to see more
innovators creatively com
ing up with solutions to pro-
tect new and original works
by Kenyan creators.
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KECOBO Disability Committee members participating at the Women 4 Cancer Walk at Karura Forest.