Copyright News
New KECOBO Logo Unveiled at the
World IP Day Celebrations
By. Lucian Mue
he Kenya Copyright Board
unveiled its new logo and
launched its 2017/2022 strate-
gic plan during the World
Intellectual Property Day
Celebrations held at the
National Museums of
The concept behind
the new logo is the
representation of
the creative industry.
The purpose is to get
instant consumer rec-
ognition and a positive
impression for the creative
The design was arrived after a com-
petition where numerous applicants
entered the logo competition. The
winning logo was picked from hun-
dreds of entries which was sent by doz-
ens of designers. The winner scooped
Sh100,000 .
About World
Property Day
Every April 26, we celebrate World
Intellectual Property Day to learn
about the role that intellectual prop-
erty rights (patents, trademarks,
industrial designs and copyright) play
in encouraging inno-
vation and creativ-
ity. This year’s World
Intellectual Property
Day campaign cel-
ebrated the brilliance,
ingenuity, curios-
ity and courage of
the women who are
driving change in our
world and shaping
our common future.
The event was com-
memorated with vari-
ous activities involving
the women in the creative industry
who have come up with game-chang-
ing inventions and life-enhancing
creations that transform lives and
advance human understanding.
Through the social media platforms
the event trended on Twitter and
received the highest response.
By. Cyrus Kinyungu
team of 15
Kenyan govern-
ment Intellectual
Property and
trade officers completed
a three weeks seminar in
China on Economic Trade
and Intellectual Property
Protection. The seminar,
which was sponsored by
the Ministry of Commerce
of the People’s Republic
of China was organized by
Shandong Foreign Trade
Vocational College and held
in Qingdao, Eastern China.
The officers were drawn
from the Kenya Copyright
Board, Kenya Industrial
property Institute, County
Government of Lamu,
State Department of
Foreign Trade and Ministry
of Industrialization.
Kenya Copyright Board
was represented by three
officers. Among other
things, the officers got
to learn about China’s
experience in the
development of Intellectual
Property, an overview of
Chinese property rights
protection system and the
operation of foreign trade
in China. The seminar also
involved exchanges in
knowledge on International
Intellectual Property Law
and international service
trade and intellectual
property protection.
The role of the Chinese
Customs in the protection
of the Intellectual Property
and trade facilitation was
among the key areas of
study during the seminar.
The team was lucky to
visit China’s Shandong
Province Customs offices
and learn how the customs
officers play a big role in
IP protection and the fight
against counterfeiting. The
role the Customs officers
play in intellectual property
protection especially on
cross border commerce was
highlighted considering
that the Port of Qingdao is
among the busiest ports in
the world.
Chinese experts shared
their experience on how
the government partners
with E-commerce
platforms to fight IP rights
Kenya-China deepen ties on IP protection and Economic trade
Panelists during the WIP day Celebrations
organised by KECOBO pose for a photo after
the end of the event.