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he seminar organised by the
Kenya Bureau of Standards
(KEBS) in collaboration with the
Kenya Institute of Management (KIM)
on monitoring and maintaining qual-
ity management systems attracted
over 60 participants from the pub-
lic and private sectors. It targeted
practicing auditors and quality man-
agement officers from diverse back-
grounds ranging from operations,
quality assurance, human resources,
finance, marketing and ICT functions.
The objective of the seminar was to
develop competence of targeted par-
ticipants to enable them undertake
complex monitoring audits and rou-
tine compliance and audit tasks in
support of regulatory compliance
and business objectives. The program
covered three key success factors of
effective process control and perfor-
mance management namely:
nn Management systems and audit-
ing techniques
nn Process and performance measure-
nn Quality improvement tools
and techniques
The purpose of the seminar was to
provide a forum for brainstorming and
sharing of experiences that could help
address the weaknesses and failures of
ISO 9001:2008 QMS standard that may
have contributed greatly to the col
lapse of distinguished ISO 9001:2008
certified organizations. One of the
notable weaknesses of ISO 9001:2008
identified by the participants during
brainstorming session was over-con
centration on documentation and evi-
dence based audits with little focus
on management systems and process
The seminar focused on under-
standing and use of the EFQM
Model audit approach that target
five key success factors of perfor
mance improvement and organiza-
tion success.
KIM-KEBS Organise seminar on
Performance Improvement
By Lucian Mue.
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Board (KECOBO)
witnessed the 2018
Technology Exhibition
launch of young scientist
Kenya that was officiated by
Education Cabinet Secretary
Amina Mohammed at
Intercontinental Hotel on
June 25, 2018. Young scien
tists Kenya is a springboard
for future entrepreneurs,
innovators, academics,
CEOs and scientists.
The students participat
ing in the programme are
to showcase projects in four
broad categories at the exhi
bition: Physical, Chemical
and Mathematical Sciences;
Ecological and Biological
Sciences; Technology, and
Social and Behavioural
Sciences. Ireland ambas
sador Vincent O’Neill noted
the importance of invest
ing in skills and education
for Kenya to grow economi
cally. “There’s a direct link
between this initiative and
Kenya’s future economic
prosperity,” he said.
O’Neill noted that last
year’s winner from Ireland
made a coding system to
improve the next genera
tion of computers and that
the invention was partially
sold to a US-based com
pany at $5 million (Sh504
million). Young scientists
Kenya is a unique platform
in East Africa, for young
people from across Kenyan
Counties to demonstrate
their innovation and show
case their scientific talents.
Young Scientists Kenya and Technology Exhibition Launched
Irish Ambassador to Kenya, Dr. Vincent O’Neill briefing on the upcoming
Young Scientists Kenya National Science and Technology Exhibition at
Intercontinental Hotel Nairobi.