Copyright News
By. Lucian Mue
ccessible, sufficient and ade-
quately funded arrangements
for the protection of copy-
right rights are crucial in any worth-
while intellectual property system.
There is no point in establishing a
detailed and comprehensive system
for protecting intellectual property
rights and disseminating information
concerning them, if it is not pos-
sible for the right-owners to enforce
their rights effectively in a world
where expanding technologies have
facilitated infringement of protected
rights to a hitherto unprecedented
extent. They must be able to take
action against infringers in order to
prevent further infringement and
recover the losses incurred from any
actual infringement. They must also
be able to call on the state authorities
to deal with piracy.
At Kenya Copyright Board (KECO-
BO) we work country wide with our
stakeholders both public and private
organizations to help develop under-
standing of and respect for copy-
right rights. Through our activities we
aim to facilitate social and economic
development and welfare, in accor-
dance with the Copyright Act Cap
130 Laws of Kenya. Building respect
for copyright rights requires integrat-
ing elements encompassing develop-
ments in legislation, awareness and
cultural change, business and tech-
nology solutions, and institutional
collaboration. We provide forums, at
which the relevant stakeholders iden-
tify, discuss and elaborate creative
solutions for building respect for IP.
Some of the collaborative Solutions
include; Inspections/raids and train-
ings. The Board has conducted 57
inspections and offered trainings to
twenty seven (27) police stations and
trained six hundred and thirty four
(634) officers in most of the counties.
Destruction of Infringed
Copyright Material
Efficient enforcement of copyright
is a critical element in enabling the
future development of the creative
industry. The Kenya Copyright Board
(KECOBO) in June 2018, destroyed
over two tonnes of assorted confis-
cated copyright impounded materi-
als amongst them illegal DVDs, CDs,
DSTV dishes & assorted cables at the
December Waste Handlers. Right
owners who have invested enormous
energy, time and money in producing
sound recordings, films, books and
computer programs suffer huge losses
in revenue.
As a consequence, creators of gen-
uine copyright-protected products
are discouraged from setting up their
operations in the country. The gov-
ernment loses much-needed tax rev-
enue to fund public services, and the
country as a whole loses out on its
ability to attract foreign direct invest-
ment, and to harness opportunities
for technology transfer. KECOBO will
continue doing its operations in the
fight against piracy.
Intellectual Property is Where
the Future of our Country Lies