Photographers Benet From Copyright
Training By KECOBO
By. Cyrus Kinyungu
ozens of photographers who
a r e m e m b e r s o f
Photographers Associaon of
Kenya in August benefited from a training
on Copyright offered by Kenya Copyright
Board. Leading the training session,
KECOBO's Chief Legal Counsel Mr George
Nyakweba advised the photographers to
consider registering their photographs for
copyright protecon. “Copyright is an
exclusive right that gives the owner the
right to exploit his works,”Nyakweba told
the photographers. To safeguard your
work against infringement, you should
come up with salient features unique to
your work that would help idenfy the
work as yours,he advised.
He, however, made it clear to the
photographers that copyright is an
automac right which means that one does
not have to register their works to enjoy
protecon. The photographers were
concerned that they get exploited by the
people whose photographs they take for
lack of knowledge on ownership rights.
Some got shocked to learn that they do not
enjoy full rights for the photographs they
take when hired by individuals, say in
weddings. “Who owns the copyright for
the photographs taken when one is hired
by an individual to take their wedding
photos or a private ceremony?” asked one
of the photographers.
Mr Nyakweba explained that these are
works for hire or commissioned works and
as such the person who hired them owns
the copyright. He also advised that the
photographers could not use the same
photographs taken during such events
without the consent of the copyright owner.
The inquisive photographers wondered
whether an employer would for instance
enter for a compeon with the photos
taken by a photographer he hired to do the
work and claim they are his.
It was, however, made clear to them
that despite the copyright belonging to the
person who hired them to snap the photos,
the photographers retains the right to be
idened as the person who took the
photos. They were encouraged to keep
interacng with the Board in case they had
any quesons or issues on copyright they
wanted handled by KECOBO. The team also
invited them to like the Board's social media
plaorms where their quesons can be
answered and their issues addressed in
good me. The group's team leader Mr
Stephen Ndiritu thanked the Board for
accepng to train them nong that they had
gained a lot. “We shall invite you to give us
more training another day. It was an eye
opening training,he said.
KECOBO's CSR touches the lives of
handicapped children in Nairobi
By. Lucian Mue
t Ke nya C o py r i g ht B o a r d
(KECOBO) we understand that
we have a responsibility to our
society and we have made Corporate
Social Responsibility (CSR) an integral part
of our culture. To underline our deep
commitment to making a difference in
people's lives, we are guided by an exisng
CSR poli c y. Th e Bo ard c o mmi t s a
substanal budgetary allocaon each year
to CSR iniaves.
The Board's CSR effort focuses on many
key areas and tries to touch the needy in
t h e s o c i e t y. S o f a r K E C O B O h a s
parcipated in several acvies which
include walks for cancer Awareness;
Beyond Zero campaigns, visit to hospitals
and donaons of food, clothing and
tailoring machines to the needy among
others within and outside Nairobi.
In June the Kenya Copyright Board CSR
and Disability Mainstreaming Commiees
paid a visit to Nile Road Special School. The
school cares for children who have physical
and mental challenges. The school, which
is located in Nairobi's Jogoo Road area,
offers care and training for the mentally and
physically handicapped.
It helps by enabling the children with
special needs in Kenya to live a good quality
life and trains them in life skills so that they
are able to live independently in future.
KECOBO was represented by a team of
about six officers led by Mr George Guantai
and Mary Luvayo who were represenng
the Execuve Director Mr Edward Sigei.
KECOBO is commied to assisng
vulnerable groups and the less fortunate in
the society. We had previously visited a
school for the mentally handicapped in
Vihiga County but this year we decided to
donate to a school in Nairobi. You are lucky
to have been picked to benefit, said Mr
The Board donated items to the students
which included foodstuff, clothes, shoes
and quality materials for making tracksuits
for 175 boys and 105 girls all worth close to
Sh200,000. The school also benefited from
a cheque of Sh15,000. The School's
principal Ms. Phanice Mashai said she
was happy that KECOBO had chosen to give
the donaons to the school. She noted that
the students were really needy adding that
they came from poor backing. Some
parents, she noted, had abandoned their
children in the school.
The excited children said they were
happy with the gesture with one of them
giving a vote of thanks. They said they were
also in need of uniforms and asked other
well wishers to help.
The principal said that some of the
students were engaged as casuals in the
school aer they were through with their