o enhance its service delivery to
t h e p u b l i c , K E C O B O h a s
launched an online system for
registraon of Copyright works. The
system, which is now accessible via website, provides a
plaorm for copyright owners to apply for
registraon services at their point of
convenience. The online system addresses
key challenges that faced copyright
owners from manual processing of their
copyright applicaons.
Online registraon offers improved
access and reach of Copyright registraon
services to right holders or their agents.
Right holders can now access the system
from any place at anyme.
It is a simplified copyright registraon
process. Copyright owners are only
required to create an online copyright
account, make copyright applicaon(s)
from the online system, pay for the
registraon service and then submit their
work(s) for back office processing. A step
by step manual is available from KECOBO's
Kecobo Automates Copyright
Registration Services
By George Njoroge
Once the registraon process is
successful, the applicant will receive an e-
cerficate through the email address used
to create their account. However, a hard
copy cerficate is available at KECOBO
The systems gives the right holder an
opportunity to save for later in case the
applicant would like to complete the
applicaon at a later me.
The online copyright plaorm is
expected to draw the following impacts
1. Increased copyright applicaons
and hence compilaon of the
database of authors and their
works. The database of authors may
be exploited for commercial value
th rough contracts wi t h ri ght
2. Enhance respect of copyright
through effecve enforcement of
3. In due course, a fully searchable
database will be available through
the portal that will assist in
exploitaon of works
4. Encourage creave owners of
works to develop more works.
Registraon of copyright gives the
right owners several benets which
The registraon facilitates the
implementaon of the an-piracy security
The cerficate of registraon acts as
evidence of ownership of copyright in a
court of law in case of a dispute.
The cerficate of registraon may in
future be used as collateral in a bank or any
other lending instuon in case one wants
to borrow funds.
It makes it easy to commercialize
copyright i.e. in case of licensing or
It makes it easy for IP auditors to
idenfy the different IP rights owned by a
Business Court User Committee
discusses Trends In Copyright Law
By Paul Kaindo
he Business Court Users
Commiee (B C U C) is a
forum set up by the Judiciary,
bringing together business associaons,
government bodies and non-prot
organizaons whose acvies aect
businesses. Key to the dispensaon of
commercial jusce is the
improved capacity of the
bench and other actors to
adjudicate on the dynamic
areas of commercial law.
Towards this effort the BCUC
on 4 October 2018 hosted its
r st mo n t h l y lu n c h e o n
dubbed: The BCUC Lunch Series.
The inaugural luncheon was under the
theme: Trends in Copyright law and a
presentaon was made by Dr Isaac
Rutenberg, a senior lecturer and Director of
the Centre for Intellectual Property and
Informaon Technology Law (CIPIT) at
Strathmore University in Nairobi. The
Judges of the Commercial and Tax Division
led by Hon. Lady Jusce Mary Kasango
had an opportunity to posit quesons,
share and exchange ideas on maers of
The Luncheon had representaves
from the Law Society of Kenya (LSK),
Kenya Copyrights Board (KECOBO), Kenya
Industrial Property Instute (KIPI) and The
Kenya Associaon of Manufacturers
(KAM). The luncheon was supported by
I n t e r n a o n a l D e v e l o p m e n t L a w
Orga n i s a o n ( I DLO ) th ro u g h th e
Commercial Jusce Sector Project.