Music stakeholders give views on
CMOs licensing
By. Cyrus Kinyungu
undreds of stakeholders in
the music industry flooded
the NHIF Auditorium on
September 11 to give their views on the
CMOs they wanted licensed by Kenya
Copyright Board (KECOBO) to collect
royales. The musicians started arriving as
early as 7am with the hall filling to capacity
by 10am.
The stakeholders in the music industry
and members of the public had been
invited by Kenya Copyright Board to give
their views and comments about seven
organizaons who had expressed interest
to get licenses to operate as collecve
management organisaons.But even as the
stakeholders were giving their views during
the meeng, dozens of others who did not
get an opportunity to aend the event sent
their views on email to KECOBO. Many
others delivered their wrien views to the
Board's offices. The stakeholders had unl
September 14 to give their comments
about the CMOs they wanted licensed.
T h e o r g a n i s a o n s w h i c h h a d
expressed interest to operate as CMOs and
who were given a chance to present during
the event included; Music Copyright
Society of Kenya, Music Publishers
Associaon of Kenya, Kenya Associaon of
Music Producers, Performance Rights
Society of Kenya, Naonal Music Copyright
Society, Music Composers associaon and
KECOBO execuve Director Mr Edward
Sigei promised that the Board will be fair in
its evaluaon of those top award licenses to
operate as CMOs. “I appreciate your frank
and clear comments. But when you are in
wrong you must also be ready to accept it,
Mr Sigei told the stakeholders. He said the
Board will fo llow th e law a nd the
regulaons to the leer when awarding the
licenses.“It is your responsibility to clean
the vices in your CMOs. The arsts are fed
They want most of the money collected
by CMOs to reach them,he said.Mr Sigei
noted that the Copyright Amendment Bill
2017, which was passed by the Naonal
assembly and passed on to Senate would
help in the beer management of
CMOs.The new law allows us to deal with
issues in the CMOs surgically,he noted.
DagoreSouth Member of Parliament
John Kiarie (KJ) challenged arsts to take a
keen interest in their affairs. He noted that
when laws affecng them are being made,
there have been no memorandums to
Parliament from arsts.
Stakeholders in the music industry follow proceedings keenly during the public participation forum on licensing of
CMOs on September 11 at NHIF Auditorium.
Dagoreti South MP John Kiarie KJ (left) shakes hands with KECOBO director Dr Isaac Rutenberg as KECOBO executive
Director Mr Edward Sigei (Centre) looks on during the public participation forum on licensing of CMOs
on September 11 at NHIF Auditorium.