By Lucian Mue
he Kenya Copyright Board (Kecobo)
in partnership with Multichoice Kenya
convened a joint workshop to discuss
the Anti-Piracy Security measures on broad-
casting at Sarova Woodlands Hotel, Nakuru
on November 26th – 28th 2019.
Other key stakeholders who participated
in the workshop included the Ofce of the Di-
rector of Public Prosecutions (ODPP), Kenya
Police College Kiganjo and the Directorate of
Criminal Investigation (DCI). The areas of
focus were training on the charge sheet prepa-
ration in line with Copyright Amendment Act
(2019) and revision of the enforcement bulletin
The President assented the Copyright
Amendment Act in September which intro-
duces the concept of Internet Service Provider
Liability for copyright infringement which was
hitherto lacking in the law.
The law comes with the necessary safe har-
bours provision; take down procedure and the
extent of liability after the takedown notice has
been served under section 35 of the Act. This
will enhance enforcement noting that most of
the piracy is now done online. Broadcasters
claim signal piracy of all kinds is costing them
millions in lost pay-TV subscriptions and/or
advertising revenues thus affecting investment
decisions and competitiveness. The Board has
conducted numerous successful DSTV raids
which some have registered court nes of up to
one million shillings.
KECOBO Partners with Multichoice to
Build Capacity on Fighting Digital Piracy
Participants of the Capacity building
Workshop in Nakuru.
Book Lovers Converge to Celebrate Book Fair
ublishers and book
lovers converged to
mark the 22
International Bookfair which
was held at Sarit Convention
Centre, Nairobi under the
theme Read, Apply, Freedom.
The event, which was
organised by the Kenya
Publishers Association,
aimed at ensuring that the
society is able to communi-
cate effectively on issues that
confront it and do so through
books and to enhance a
peaceful coexistence amongst
each other.
The fair, which was held
between September 25 to 29
2019, brought together 70
local Exhibitors and 22 inter-
national exhibitors drawn
from China, Uganda, Korea,
Senegal, UAE, Tanzania,
South Africa, India, Pakistan,
US and Nigeria. KECOBO
exhibited at stand No. 48
where over 200 people visited
its stand. The visitors lauded
the efforts of the Board with
several authors asserting their
inten tion to visit the Board to
register their lit erary works
Kecobo staff attending to clients
during the Bookfair