Copyright News
KECOBO Takes Copyright
Training to Counties
By. Wycliffe Jaketch
raining on copyright is one of the core
mandates of the Kenya Copyright
Board (KECOBO) under the
Copyright Act, 2001(as emended in 2019).
In every county in Kenya, there exist copy-
right holders or potential copyright holders
who are interested in knowing how their
rights are protected, enforced and how the
same can be up scaled and commercialised
so as to improve the living standards of the
artists across the country evenly.
Devolution is key to the delivery of ser-
vices to the people of Kenya. Many of the
services offered by the national government
agencies could easily percolate to the peo-
ple through public awareness and technical
trainings programs. County government
have a role to collaborate with other agen-
cies to ensure that members of their county
are served appropriately and that they are up
to speed with the rest of the country in what-
ever respect.
In this regard, collaboration between the
Kenya Copyright Board, relevant county gov-
ernment departments, the non-governmental
organisations, private sector and the entire
public in each county is thus key to ensure that
the public is kept abreast to the development
of the copyright law. These trainings are nor-
mally free and the artists in particular are en-
courage to participate so that they learn how
to protect their own works and actions they
can take to have their rights enforced so that
that they can shield themselves from manipu-
lations from infringers and pirates.
Most of these trainings are communicated
in the Kenya Copyright Board website as well
as the social media platforms. In addition, the
appointed county is also in charge communi-
cating the venues and dates of the copyright
training happening in their counties. It is ex-
pected that each county will highlight
its own experiences and challenges
which it is facing in terms of copy-
right. Such kind of observations
are instrumental in helping the
Board to strategize and plan
for how to address the issues
of copyright in the country
in manner that reects our
own internal uniqueness.
Further, the issues of
intellectual property are as
dynamic as the technologi-
cal advancement. This dyna-
mism is reected in the rigorous
international efforts that are be-
ing made to inform the global
practices. Therefore, it is only
practical and actually crucial that grassroot
trainings are frequently carried to illuminate
on the drift that the international community
is rapidly taking so that our people may also
be internationally competitive wherever they
are in the country.
The Kenya Copyright Board trainings are
conducted by a team of experts in intellectual
property rights, law, protection and enforce-
ment, who have a long-standing practical ex-
perience including in training. It is interesting
to note that from previous trainings that the
public get, those trained are normally inspired
and equipped with the relevant knowledge
to share with others who may have not
had an opportunity to attend the trainings.
During these trainings, our ofcers
share various relevant reading ma-
terials that the trainees can use to
advance their knowledge on cop-
yright. The outcomes have been
very positive and it is worth
concluding that knowledgeable
right holders are a step ahead
towards protection and enjoy-
ment of their rights. To request
for training, groups of creatives
or their representative can write a
request to the Executive Director
through our email info@copy-
KECOBO's Legal Counsel Wycliffe Jaketch during one of the trainings in the counties.