Copyright News
Deal to Boost Collection of Music
Royalties from PSVs Signed
By Cyrus Kinyungu
enya Copyright Board
(KECOBO) and the
National Transport
and Safety Authority (NTSA)
have today signed an MOU that
will boost musicians’ royalties.
The deal that was signed by
Mr. Edward Sigei, Executive
Director, KECOBO and Mr.
George Njao, Director General,
NTSA in the presence of CEOs
of the three licensed Societies-
will ensure Public Service
Vehicles (PSVs) pay royalties
for use of music. The MOU
shall facilitate the integration
of the Collective Management
Organisations (CMOs) digi-
tal collecting system with the
NTSA systems.
With this collaboration, the
President’s vision, as articulated
in his nation address in January
2020, on the need to raise musicians’ royalties
collection to Sh.2 Billion a year is now closer
to reality.
“This MOU will ensure that PSVs comply
with the Copyright Act by paying royalties for
use of music in their vehicles. Kenya Copyright
Board will facilitate the issuance of Certicate
of Compliance to complying PSVs,’ said Mr
Sigei. He further added that the signing of the
MOU will go a long way in ensuring imple-
mentation of the President’s directive and the
two agencies are committed to actualising it.
On its part, Mr. Njao said the NTSA shall
support KECOBO and will provide relevant
data on all registered PSVs and their seating
The implementation of the MOU will sup-
port the CMO-KECOBO ICT System speci-
cally the Royalty Collection Module by ena-
bling efcient collection of royalties through
digitally supported portal and USSD. The ICT
system enables PSVs that use music to make
payments through any mobile money platform
at the comfort of their vehicles and obtain a
digital licence. The users can also pay for the
license in easy periodic instalments and man-
age licenses on behalf of their SACCOs. This
thereby eliminates the need for verification
KECOBO is also in the process of integrat-
ing with other government agencies and county
administrations to boost royalty payment.
By Cyrus Kinyungu
he National Right
Registry module part
ICT system is now ready. The
registration portal to the data-
base is accessible at nrr.copy-
The portal allows one to un-
dertake online copyright reg-
istration including uploading
their works virtually; view and
manage all their registered cop-
yright works; make payment
against the application where
applicable and receive and print
their copyright registration cer-
tificates from the comfort of
their homes.
To access these services, an
artist or corporates are required
to create accounts in the Na-
tional Rights Registry portal.
Individual artists are encour-
aged to create an individual ac-
count in the portal and register
all their works.
The registration through the
system enables interested par-
ties to register and upload their
copyright works free of charge
for an initial 2 months. The por-
tal also allows one to check pre-
viously registered works and
undertake new applications for
At a later stage, any interest-
ed person shall be able to search
for an artist works by title, or
authors name among other
search criteria. This search ca-
pability shall enable artists to
file complaints for exclusion
or unwarranted registration by
other applicants.
The registration through the
portal became available as from
May 27 20220 for music before
the rest of the registrable copy-
right works were availed.
While registration of copy-
right works remains voluntary
under Kenyan law, the registra-
tion into the NRR database of-
fers an opportunity for data on
usage of works to be obtained
by the Media Monitoring mod-
ule, which is part of the inte-
All works previously reg-
istered by Kenya Copyright
Board shall form part of this
database and shall appear in a
searchable database. However,
applicants may be requested to
supply additional details.
KECOBO Launches New National Rights Registry