By. Lucian Mue
very year East African communi-
ties celebrate music through Ongea
summit. Built on the three Pillars
of Trade, Learn and Showcase, the annu-
al Summit offers high-level Interaction
with Musicians, Songwriters, Composers,
Performers, Producers, Publishers,
Record Labels, Distributors, Retailers,
Associations, Collective Management
Organisations (CMOs), Promoters, Event
Organisers, Publicists, Media, Educators,
Trainers, Government, Non-Governmental
Organisations (NGOs) and others involved in
Music & Entertainment throughout Eastern
Africa and Globally.
This years Theme was: Disrupt to Thrive!,
seeking to Encourage increased Collaboration
for Innovation in the Music & Entertainment
Industry and the Information & Communica-
tion Technology Industry of Eastern Africa, as
well as Futurists, Thought Leaders and Policy
Makers. KECOBO had the opportunity to ex-
hibit and educate members of the public on cop-
yright and related rights and what the Copyright
Amendment Act 2019 means to the artists.
In a nutshell, copyright enables those who
hold rights in a work to decide how, when and
where it may be used and by whom. One of the
purposes of copyright is to create the conditions
for creators to be able: to earn a living from
their talent by getting a nancial return on the
time and energy they put into producing a work
and being recognized as its author.
Artists Celebrate Music at Ongea!