The Star, Pg: 29 -All Set For 24th European Film Festival In Nairobi

A film that tell stories about children who do not age is set for screening
during this year’s 24th European Film Festival that opens at the Alliance
Francaise next Wednesday for a two-week run.

Remarkably, most of the presentations
are award – winning films which underline the quality of the productions and the
seriousness the festival enjoys among the participation nations.

The Star, Pg: 26 -Ray of Hope For Kenyan Music

Kenya’s urban entertainment culture has evolved beyond the imagination of its residents
is indisputable. Not much thought seems to be going into creation of a music that will
stand the test of time.  Some who are beyond the age of consent remember a better time
when music remained relevant irrespective of age. Across Kenya’s southern border, kids
barely 15 years of age are musically articulating facts of life in a manner that pulls
in their grand daddies and moms tapping their feet and humming along. Kenyan producers
cannot get beyond the cleverness of their own hands on gizmos inter-phased with keyboards
on computer driven sound-editing programmes. Though all is not lost. There are still kids
out there in Nairobi and elsewhere who are letting their love for playing actual musical
instruments speak for them and have the drive to go beyond playing cover versions.