The Star, Pg: 33 - We Have Artistes Best Interests At Heart – MCSK

The newly elected chairman of the Board of Directors at the MCSK,
Benard Mukaisi, has finally come out to quell the heart. He says
that he is ready to look into the plight of Kenyan artistes by assuring
that, starting in the next distribution, artistes will earn not less than
Sh100 million in royalties from public performances. 

The Society will now
increase the amounts of money it pays out to members out of collections
received from performances in Public places. He tasked the management to ensure
that artistes get at least 70 per cent of all the monies collected. He added that
MCSK will launch a new system called Vericast for monitoring music broadcast in
Kenya.  There will also be focus on licensing increased number of television
stations due the digital migration. Mukaisi was unanimously elected chairman by
the new board members on May 4 at a convention held in Nakuru.