The Star, Pg: 28 -  Full Frontal Exhibition Explores Stereotypes Of Female Gender

The female form has been the subject of different stereotypes most of them harmful
than helpful. In a culture where the female body has been used as a means of expression
of diverse aspects the question of the kind of messages passed across by such portrayals
comes to mind.  It is with this background that Jesica Atieno decided to use the same subject –
the female body - to explore this paradox by interrogating the stereotypes about feminism and
the female gender roles. Her main aim was to bring to the fore the issue of feminism which according
to her as been contrived as a negative thing.

Atieno not only uses her paintings to create dialogue but
also uses their titles.  She has had the impact she wanted as she has opened up the platform to discuss
sexuality and gender roles. The exhibition is running and concludes 21st May 2015 at the Kuona Trust.

The Star Pg: 29-Forget The Goodies, We Want A Film Policy In Place.

A recent announcement by Kenya Film Commission CEO Chris Foot that the Government plans to
introduce tax incentives for filmmakers – local and foreign – is eliciting mixed reactions within
the film community.  The incentive is said to have the nod from President Uhuru Kenyatta and
is expected to be included in the June budget. If passed this will now be the second time
that the President has provided incentives for the Kenya Film Industry. Kenya has never had
a policy on any area of the arts or culture which is blamed for the lack of consistent government
planning in this area.  Most countries that have strong film industries also have anti-dumping
laws that bar dumping of foreign commercials and in effect ensure that all commercials on their
media are made locally.  The same ought to be introduced in Kenya to ensure work for local
filmmakers. At the close of this years’ Schools Drama Festival, DP William Ruto announced
that the government will fund a Film Academy to the tune of Sh400million and was emphatic that
the next generation of billionaires will be from the films scene. The quality of education on
the arts should be of concern to ensure that it compares to the best
in the world.

The Star Pg: 30 - Six Steps To Boost Workers’ Morale And Build A more Cohesive Team

As a business owner, a cohesive team of employees is imperative to your success.
Team building can help develop trust among your employees, and trust is critical
in business because it can make your team more productive and efficient.
Here are six ways to proactively build a cohesive team and improve morale.
1.    Get out of the office: Hold an activity into a neutral location e.g.
 rent a theatre and take your team to the movies or plan a trip to local museum,
sports event or an attraction.
2.    Organize a company picnic: Plan a business barbecue or picnic.
3.    Volunteer together: Give your team a chance to give back to the community.
4.    Hold a professional development seminar: Invite a speaker to come into the
office for a continued learning opportunity.
5.    Make it personal: Teach your team about themselves and each other through
 tools that improve interpersonal communication.
6.    Start a “lunch and learn” series: Give employees the opportunity to speak
 to their co-workers during a ‘lunch and learn’ event