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Law Society Of Kenya 2016 Annual Conference
e Law Society of Kenya (LSK) Annual
Conference whose theme was Corporate
Governance, Corruption and failing
Institutions was aended by over 800
e conference was ocially opened by
Deputy President Hon. William Ruto on
18th August 2016. He said that corruption
and the undermines the countrys
competitiveness, distorts allocation of
resources, derails programmes and policies,
and contributes to mismanagement and
poverty throughout the public. He noted
that the new procurement law puts the
responsibility squarely on the accounting
ocers and challenged the Law Society of
Kenya (LSK) to rein in its members who
circumvent procurement rules.
e Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga, delivering his
key address on Friday 19th 2016, said that
corruption has le the country exposed in
terms of security. Terrorist aacks are made
easy by customs and boarder ocials. He
further challenged the lawyers to stand up
for the rule of law and their responsibility to
ensure that the machinery available in our
country to deal with governance challenges
are functioning and those in leadership are
held accountable for maladministration.
e Immediate former Chief Justice Dr.
Willy Mutunga delivered the Closing
Speech. At the Gala Dinner, the LSK
feted Dr. Mutunga for excellence in the
administration of justice during his stint as
the Chief Justice.
By. George Nyakweba
The 5
KIM Annual Managers Conference 2016
Hon Raila Odinga; EGH at the Annual Law Society of Kenya Conference.
e 5th Kenya Institute of Management
(KIM) Annual Managers Conference
was held at the Pride Inn Paradise Hotel,
Shanzu; Mombasa from 29th June to 1st
July 2016. e eme for the Conference
was “Developing Versatile Managers and
Leaders for the 21st Century Workplace.
As partial fulllment of mainstreaming
the Leadership and Integrity Act,
2012 requirements for Public Service
management personnel to belong to
certied professional bodies and participate
in continuous development programs
(CPD)and KECOBO management policy
on management sta development, the
Senior HRM Ocer was sponsored to
aend. e KIM 5th Annual Conference
focused on the need to develop versatile
managers and leaders for the sole purpose
of preparing participants to drive desired
change in their respective organizations
so that they can get to the next level both
at individual and organizational levels.
e need to have a broad skill-set was
emphasized as essential for all managers
because dierent strategies are required to
overcome dierent challenges.
e key objective of the conference was
embracing adaptive change. Mr. Abed
Kachi, the manager; KIM Mombasa
branch observed that due to technological,
demographic, and globalization dynamics,
it is crucial to develop labor force that
is responsive, independent and able to
manage challenges associated with change.
Adaptive change requires leadership that
can light re within people not ‘under
people. roughout the conference, two
types of leadership style were highlighted.
ese were; “Strategic Leadership” and
“Disruptive Leadership.
Maintaining Leadership sanity
Work life balance is crucial to healthy
leadership. Healthy leadership involves
balancing emotional, physical, career and
spiritual commitments. Poor work-life
balance is insanity and can lead to 3Ds
(Disease, Degeneration & Death). Most
occupational deaths are caused by food,
lifestyle or toxin related oversights.
By. Ketty Arucy
e 5th Kenya Institute of Management Delagates Conference.