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World Intellectual Property Organization
(WIPO) organized a study visit to Kenya
Copyright Board (KECOBO) for ocials
from Liberia, Namibia, Swaziland, Uganda
and Africa Intellectual Property Oce
(ARIPO) on 29th August to 1st September
2016. e objectives of the study were to:
Review and learn the administrative
procedures in place for registering
copyrighted works
Review the structure and methods
used for licensing and supervision of
the collective management system
Look at the other areas dealt with by
copyright oce.
Delegates were welcomed to the Board by
Mr. Edward Sigei, Executive director who
explained how the board was established,
its vision, mission, composition and
functions. During their study tour, the
delegates were taken through the following
programs as per their expectations:
1. e legal and administrative
framework in Kenya
2. Meeting with the collective
management organizations (MCSK,
MP and PRISK) open forum
3. Role of the Board in relation to
collective management of copyright
4. Overview of the organizational
structure of the Kenya Copyright
5. Discussions on the legal and
administrative framework in Zambia
6. Registration of copyright and
authentication of the works, legal
framework and practical work
7. Use of information communication
Technology (ICT) for registration
8. Electronic database
9. e anti piracy security device-
demonstration on the implementation
of the anti piracy security device
10. Practical with the ICT department
and registry
11. Public awareness and outreach
12. Enforcement of copyright and related
13. Strategies for eective administration
and enforcement of copyright
e study visit in addition to the Kenya
experience, gave the delegates an
opportunity to share their experiences,
challenges as well as the best practices in
the management of copyright and related
rights in their countries.
The 19th Nairobi international Book Fair
By. Eunice Maina
KECOBO Hosts Delegates From ARIPO, Uganda, Swaziland,
Namibia And Liberia For A Study Tour At The Boards
By. George Nyakweba
Delegates om ARIPO, Uganda, Swaziland, Namibia, Liberia and KECOBO sta during a study tour at the
KECOBO oces.
e ve day book fair was organized by
the Kenya Publishers Association (KPA)
from the 21st to 25th September 2016
at the Sarit Center. e event aracted
key players in the publishing industry as
well as book distributers, schools, authors
among others. Dr. Fred Matiangi, who
was the chief guest, ociated the event.
In his speech he promised to work closely
with the publishing industry to ensure that
the cost of publishing and distribution of
books is lowered to ensure that books are
aordable and available to all schools.
e KECOBO oce main aim of
participation was to create awareness and
oer guidance on issues on Intellectual
Property (IP) main focus being on
Copyright. Over 200 people visited
KECOBO stand. Most of those who visited
KECOBO’s stand sought clarity on the
following issues;
e role played by the Kenya
Copyright Board
How to register copyright in Kenya
How to beer exploit the economic
rights that form part of copyright
How to raise and follow up on
complaints on copyright infringement
e fair also included; workshops and
seminars on topical issues, Book launches,
children activities, presentation of the
Wahome Mutahi Literary Award, books
clearance sale and rae for books-
publishers and Big Debate 3.
“Books whether creative works or factual texts, serve as a reection of the society om which the writers are drawn. It is therefore our
duty to ensure that society is able to communicate eectively on issues that conont it and do so through books and to enhance a peaceful
coexistence amongst each other”.