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Kenya National Library Services is a state
corporation established in 1965. It was
established by an Act of parliament CAP
225. Its mandate is to develop and promote
reading culture through the provision
of library and information service to all
communities countrywide. e aim of
the stakeholders meeting was to discuss
the Braille section and a new proposed
technology and have the stakeholders give
their input. e proposed technology that
KNLS wants to use will increase customers
and improve services oered. e genesis
of this project was a call by the Electronic
Information for Libraries (EIFL), for
libraries to develop proposals that are ICT
e competition involved 11 libraries
and KNLS won the competition. EIFL is
funding this project. KNLS then came up
with a project named “Breaking Barriers”.
e aim is to reach out to students with
Visual impairment. e project will use
digital technology to convert printed works
to Braille and other alternative formats.
ese materials will then be given to the
target groups free of charge. Ms. Chahale
from KECOBO explained the legal steps
that have been taken towards catering for
the blind and the visually impaired as far as
copyright is concerned. Internationally, the
Marakesh Treaty has already been adopted
and Kenya has signed it but is yet to ratify.
She mentioned that 75 countries have
signed the treaty and 17 have ratied it.
e treaty has already entered into force.
KECOBO is in the process of amending
the Copyright Act provisions have already
been made in the dra bill to give exception
to copyright for the blind and visually
impaired persons.
KECOBO Participates in the Legal Awareness Week
Kenya National Library Services (KNLS), Visually Impaired
Persons Stakeholders Meeting, Held at KNLS Maktaba Hall
By. Sharon Chahale
By. Lucian Mue
Every year the Law Society of Kenya (LSK)
observes the Legal Awareness Week with
the objective of promoting its mandate by
extending legal literacy and awareness to
members of the public through provision
of free legal advice through its members
numbering in excess of 8,000. is is
a national event and it was conducted
throughout the Country at various centres.
is year the event was held at the Milimani
Parking yard from 26th – 30th September
2016. During the week the Kenya
Copyright Board oered free legal advice
on intellectual property rights issues and
received registration of copyright works.
e event was launched by the Supreme
Court Judge Mohammed Ibrahim, SCJ,
under the theme “Improving Access
to Justice through Alternative Dispute
Resolution” During the week the Board
issued over 1000 copyright educational
materials and aended to over 200 lawyers
and members of the public.
Justice Mohammed Ibrahim SCJ, Supreme Court; signing visitors book at KECOBO Stand with Law Society of Kenya (LSK)
President Isaac Okero and Ms. Sharon Chahale, KECOBO Deputy Chief Legal Counsel during the Legal Awareness Week.
KECOBO Board Chairman, Ms. Millicent Ogutu
when she visited KECOBO Stand