Ownership of copyright

The first ownership of a copyright work vests in the person who creates it. However, copyright like any other moveable property can be transferred through sale, licenses and testamentary disposition.  Under the Copyright Law;

  1. In the case of two authors, the two shall be known as the joint authors of the work.
  2. In the case of works created for hire or works created under a contract of employment, unless otherwise stated in a contract, the employer or the person who commissioned the work shall be the owner of the work.
  3. In the case of a film, the principal director and the film producer are joint authors and first owners of the copyright (and the economic rights).  Similar provisions to those referred to above, apply where the director is employed by someone.
  4. In the case of a sound recording the author and first owner of copyright is the record producer, in the case of a broadcast, the broadcaster; and in the case of a published edition, the publisher.
  5. Copyright in material produced by a Government department belongs to the Government.