KECOBO Executive Director Mr.Edward Sigei addresses musicians during a training on entrepreneurship and financial management held in Mombasa on December 16, 2016.
Musicians pose for a photo with Kenya Copyright Board (KECOBO) Executive Director Mr. Edward Sigei and Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Mr. Ezekiel Mutua at the end of a training held at the Brevan Hotel in Bomet.
Musicians keenly follow the training on Entrepreneurship and financial management skills organised by Kenya Copyright Board (KECOBO) at Brevan Hotel in Bomet.
Some of the musicians listening during the training on Entrepreneurship and financial management skills organised by KECOBO at Brevan Hotel, Bomet County.
KECOBO Deputy Chief Legal Counsel, George Nyakweba (right) and Legal Counsel Kaindo Kiarie address musicians during a training on music and music entrepreneurship held in Machakos, Lau Guest House.
KECOBO Executive Director Mr.E dward Sigei responding to a question during a musicians training held in Meru County.
Some of the musicians who attended the training on music and entrepreneurship held in Machakos, Lau Guest House.
KECOBO Copyright Inspector, Ephraim Ndiritu addressing musicians during a training that was conducted in Machakos, Lau Guest House.
A musician asking a question during the musicians’ training session on music and entrepreneurship held in Machakos’ Lau Guest House.
Renowned artist Tony Nyadundo of Ohangla band consulting with KECOBO Deputy Chief Legal Counsel Mr.George Nyakweba at the Lake Basin Expo and Investment Summit 2017 at Jommo Kenyatta grounds in Kisumu.

Copyright Act

The Kenya Copyright Board is a State Corporation that was established under Section 3 of the Copyright Act Cap 130 of the Laws of Kenya to administer and enforce copyright and related rights in Kenya.

Copyright Registration

The Kenya Copyright Board registers copyright works of musical, audio visual, literary and artistic nature.

Anti Piracy Security Device

The Anti-Piracy Security Device (APSD) is a tamper proof sticker that is applied on legitimate audio and audio-visual works (films, CDS, DVDS and VCDs).

Collective Management Organisations

These are private organisations that are established to collectively administer the rights of their members.

News and Updates

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C.M.O Regulations

Learn more about Collective Rights Management Regulations via this link

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Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) Denied Licence

Kenya Copyright Board (KECOBO) has declined to renew the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) 2017 license for failing to produce its latest audited financial statements.

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System To End Sh7 billion Book Piracy In Kenya Launched

An electronic system to discourage piracy has been unveiled sending a warning to booksellers and buyers that they risk prosecution if caught with pirated books.

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Kecobo is on a nationwide campaign to reach out on artists

KECOBO is on a nationwide campaign  to collect views  from artistes and music consumers on the best way to tax music users and reward artistes with royalties.

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Kenya Copyright Board Wants Politicians To Pay Artistes

The Kenya Copyright Board (Kecobo) has advised artistes to insist on contracts before letting politicians use their work for campaigns.

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